Handyman Services

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Finally, you’ve found a handyman you like, trust, and who does great work. Even better, you didn’t have to ask five neighbors for references and yet, still have worries that his skill with tools comes from his previous job—ax murderer.

All you had to do was call Apollo Handyman Services. Yes, indeed, it’s just that easy.

Our guys are craftsmen. Pure and simple. They love working with their hands. And whether they’re hanging drywall or hanging an arrangement of pictures, you’re going to like the professionalism they display on the job.

That professionalism isn’t accidental. Our handymen are carefully selected to meet exacting Apollo standards for workmanship, professionalism, and courtesy. We only send the very best to your home. And before any work is started, we always give you an estimate for the work and have your approval prior to starting. We don’t want any surprises.

The list below gives you a sense of scope for what our guys can do. But if you have a task, and it isn’t on the list, talk with us. Chances are good we can help with that, too.

Apollo Handyman Services are available exclusively to Apollo customers who have an Apollo Care Plan or who have an Apollo Home Warranty contract.

Here are the Handyman Services:

  • Drywall/Plaster Repair
  • Exterior Painting Touch ups
  • Interior Painting
  • Concrete Repair(non structural)
  • Add attic stairs or ladders for easy access
  • Driveway Resealing
  • Molding/Trim
  • Custom Carpentry
  • Molding/Trim
  • Deck Installation/Repair
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Fence Installation/Repair
  • Wheel Chair Ramps
  • Flooring/Tile Installation
  • Backsplash Installation
  • Caulk & Grout
  • Expanding Doorways

Call Apollo today at 513-271-3600 to get a quote on Handyman Services